Mindfulness and Stress Reduction Workshops for Your Company

Are you looking to boost your company morale and productivity while increasing the well-being of your employees?

As the need for mental health awareness is on the rise among professionals, many companies are beginning to implement programs to equip their staff with tools for stress management and mindful living. 

Mindfulness has become a widely spread, evidence based tool that has a large list of benefits, some of which are:

Reduced stress and anxiety
Boosted focus and memory
Increased cognitive flexibility
Emotional regulation

More relationship and life satisfaction

I tailor the program to fit the specific needs of your company and your employees, ranging from one hour lunchtime workshops to ongoing wellness programs that include education, skill training and guided exercises. You can see some of the materials that can be covered below. 

Customize your Workshop.png

You can download a detailed information one sheet HERE.

If you are interested in booking a workshop for your team, please click below and provide your company name and the estimated date for the program. I will get back to your inquiry within 48 hours!