How can Psychotherapy help you?

If you are thinking about starting therapy, but are unsure of what to expect, below is a short but comprehensive overview of some of the main benefits that therapy can offer. 



Toronto psychotherapy


So much of our daily life is ruled by automatic decisions and impulses, many of which we do not even notice or perceive.  Therapy provides us with a window into those habitual thoughts, beliefs and behaviors, and gives us the opportunity to understand the workings of our cognition. Furthermore,  we are able to explore and uncover the origins of the underlying core beliefs and motivations that guide us, and gain more clarity on our life long patterns. Through this awareness, choice is created. 


Life is unpredictable and ever-changing in nature, and in us, can create the feeling of helplessness, fear and need to escape in some capacity. While the temptation to dismiss these feelings may be strong, it's not an effective long term solution and sooner or later we must face these emotions in order to be able to move forward. A therapist can help facilitate this process and create an environment conducive to acceptance, an essential ingredient in the process of healing. 

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Toronto psychotherapy


Once we are able to better understand our inner desires, our needs and the ways in which we have learned to perceive the world, we can begin to take real and measurable action towards creating the changes that fulfill us on a deep personal level. We are able to hold ourselves accountable in a new way, and therefore posses the motivation and willingness to move towards our goals like never before. This is the part of therapy that often propels big changes and shifts in a client's life, as they become armed with many skills and tools to take an active role in their own story.